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FTPServer-like application

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hi, i'm currently developing a TCP application (client+server), and i'd like to insert something like a FTP server (i'd like not to run a real FTP server)

what i want is:

-being able to explore folders of the server PC (using some restriction server-side)

-transfer selected files (i'm quite ok with that, found some working TCP file transfer script, and modified for my needs)

so i'm looking for a "explorer.exe"-like visualization of the pc.

I'm thinking about using some commands to transfer informations and then generate a HTML file to be view from an embed browser object client-sided - like browser standard FTPserver visualization

In your opinions, are there better/easier ways to accomplish this? Is something like that already been done? (i didn't found anything)


P.S.: I'm not asking for code, but for ideas

P.P.S.: sorry for my english

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This is a good base to start with:

You can easily expand it to serve HTML pages based on the requested folder. It won't be FTP, but if your objective is simply to browse and download files remotely (in the browser) then HTTP is just as good.

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