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Excel Get Row

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Is there such a thing? I want to store the row number of whatever cell i happen to be in. This is kind of the idea, unfortunately "Activecell.Row" is a VBA command, not autoit.

To make it simpler, I could even write the row numbers 1-whatever into a column...but even then I can't figure out how to extract that into an autoit variable.

#include <Excel.au3>

AutoItSetOption("SendKeyDelay", 500)

$oExcel = _ExcelBookNew()
Send("^g")      ;go to cell
Send("e4")      ;random cell selection
$Row = $oExcel.Worksheets(1).Activecell.Row     ;would like this to equal 4 (or whatever row it happens to be)
ConsoleWrite("Row: " & $Row "{ENTER}")

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If you're strictly looking for just the row of the selected cell...

$sRC= $oExcel.ActiveCell.Address                
$aRow = StringRegExp($sRC, "\$\w*\$(\d*)", 3)
$iRow = $row[0]

It's not the best way to go, there are other better ways to write it up but you get the idea. You can also have the .Address method return a different style of address, it's in the MSDN documentation.

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