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Diana (Cda)

Way to offset GUIs by 20 pixels, down and to the right??

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I have a reminder program that launches AU3-based reminders that I created a few years ago with AutoIt. I manually had the boxes placed so that if they happened to come up a few at the same time that they wouldn't overlap each other. The reminder program itself, for example, automatically cascades its own boxes a few pixels apart from each other. That's built-in. But I get more power and flexibility launching AutoIt-based ones which is why I prefer to use the AI way.

But is there perhaps a feature in AutoIt we can take advantage of that offsets GUI boxes, too? i.e., without coding, the boxes are all set to come up at left and top of 100, 100, that the next one would nontheless pop up at left and top at, say, 120, 120 and the one after that at, say, 140, 140, etc.

Just curious. I've changed and deleted reminders throughout the years and so boxes now pop up all over the place <g>. It would be nice if this is automated so that when reminders pop up in groups that they nest and cascade in a nice, orderly way.

Just curious, though. No biggie if there isn't any such feature, but would be nice.

Thx. :)

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