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Get Curson color info

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I need to figure out which e-mail in a web based exchange server is highlighted. Using the AutoIt tool, the "Mouse" tab shows a color value that changes to 0x316AC5 when the mouse is over an e-mail that is highlighted.

(When the mouse is over this e-mail, the WinGetText has the e-mail subject line).

However, WinGetText() does not provide this info.

I cant seem to find any function that does.

Is there a function for this or a better way?


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If anyone is watching, here is how to do it.

There is a function called Pixelsearch. If you can define a rectangle in which to search for a highlighted bar, you specify a color to search for within this rectangle. This color is provided in the AutioIt tool form under the "Mouse" tab with a text line labeled "Color". The function returns the coordinates where this pixel first exists. Use these values to "MoveMouse()" and violia, you found the highlighted e-mail.

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