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reading and sending text to control

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Guest newguy


Very new to AutoIT.

I have a vb6 program I'm trying to use to read and write to another application's combo list box control using AutoIT. It's looks like it may not be standard windows control. Although I'm able to see a controlID and ClassNameNN when I use v3 Active Window information tool, and was able to get a handle number using the AIX function, I still can't get it read the text in the combox, or write anything to it. The indicated controlID changes when I move to another control in the window, so it looks like it sees that control in particular. The combox is one of many on the window, and the text in the desired combo shows as part of the "Visible Window Text" for the window.

What would you suggest I do accomplish my task?

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What have you tried thus far? (Do you have the code that you could post here?)

Check into the Control*() functions. I am sure you have already done this that is why your code would be useful as I dont want to suggest something you have already tried.


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