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Reading Javascript events

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Hey, all, thanks for your assistance with earlier issues. I never did get the functions in the FF UDF working :) But I did get the script running and doing what it was supposed to do. Probably not as elegantly as it might have, but reliably.

So now I have another question: can AutoIT detect Javascript events? I suppose SENDING browser events would be good too. I am building a script to automate some tests of a web app, and there are some pages where there are arbitrarily long pauses to wait for a server response/javascript rendering. I've inserted pauses into the script to account for them, but as you might imagine that's hit-or-miss...once the pauses are long enough to account for what I would hope to be the longest I'd have to wait, then usually it creates a lot of wasted time.

What I would like to be able to do is to have AutoIT wait for a known JS event and then move on from there. Is this possible?

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