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Is there a "copy" equivalent in DLL

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Hi There,

I was wondering if there is a DLL-call or something that does the same as CTRL-C in windows?

In our app the keyboard is not set this way standard, but can manually be overwritten.

Now I have this little AutoIt program wich uses CTRL-C, but not everybody has manually set his keyboard yet and some don't know how to.

So I thought, maybe there is like a DLL-call / function which does the same so keyboard settings don't matter anymore. :)

PS: Can you also show me how to use it? :">

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I assume you want to copy some highlighted text. If this is a custom control, then only the creator of that custom control knows how to access the highlighted text.


Indeed, I like to select and copy selected data from the screen.

I don't now if it's a custom control, since on top of our screen there sort of a windows-bar which can be accessed with the ALT button.

I wrote my prog also with SEND (ALT-E-C) to go to "copy" in that bar.

Unfortunately I recently also expirienced some problems with this workaround! :)

So if someone has a good idea about a "copy" function, please let me know. :evil:

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