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File with fields of 1 byte binary len followed by "len" bytes of displayable data

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I am drawing a blank as to how to process the subject file in AutoIt.

I know how to do it in C but I don't have a compiler available right now.

I have a file that is made up of variable length elements that have a single byte binary length followed by that length of displayable characters.

For example: 0x053132333435024142 which should yield "12345" and "AB"

I need to "walk the file" extracting all of the individual displayable data.

Any one have an example of how to do this?

I am getting all wound up with reading the file in binary, BinaryToString .....



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Read the whole file with FileOpen() in binary mode, and then use BinaryMid(), see help file.

Even better open the file in binary mode, the FileRead() in a loop getting one byte, then $iLen bytes, then one byte, etc.


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