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Get Text From a Page within a page

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My script interacts with this website http://www.weather.com/activities/health/allergies/

My source

#include <FF.au3>

#Include <Array.au3>

Local $oZipCode

Local $oSubmit

Local $ZipCode = "xxxxx"

$url = "http://www.weather.com/activities/health/allergies/"

$oFF = _FFStart($url)

$aArray = _FFXPath("//input[@value='Enter US city or zip']","",9)

MsgBox(64,"", _FFObj("xpath.type") & @crlf & _FFObj("xpath.value"))

_FFObj("xpath", "value", $ZipCode)


$aArray = _FFXPath("//input","src",7)


MsgBox(0,"", $aArray)

_FFClick("input", "tag", 22)

MsgBox(0,"", _FFReadText(24))

On the page that comes up when you enter your zip i use _FFReadText to get the text that has the pollen forecast for my zip code.

However the text that i need, and a lot of other text doesnt come up. It seems like the page is inside another page.

How can i access text that doesnt come up from _FFReadText

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