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[Solved] Text size when outputting to a .doc file

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Hi. I am trying to design a program that will output basic labels for pallets.

The input is as follows,


An example of the output has been included as a word document. I need the output of my program to be in this exact format.

Here are the methods that I have tried:

1) Using a mouse clicking/text replacement macro(too buggy and slow, not versatile for other computers)

2) outputing to an html file to print(the text is not large enough)

3) using writefiletoline directly to a .doc, however all text formatting is lost.

any insight or help in getting this format working would be great! I have the rest of the code worked out without any problems.

edit:css is a no go as well, won't work with the machine this program will be primarily run on.

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If you have MS Word available, use a template file and tweak the text with the _Word* functions of the Word.au3 UDF (see help file).

Also, if your HTML text was wrong you just need to fix that attribute of you HTML formatting. That option should still have been usable.


Also, also, you could do it in a _GuiCtrlRichEdit_* control and stream it to an .rtf file to print, etc.

Lots of options...


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