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TreeViewGetItemText from another app

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I have problem with obtain item text from treeview inside another application which generaly may not be AutoIt GUI.

Because in AutoIt is not implemented ControlTreeView()

I must use Windows API to do it.

I'm using DllStruct, DllCall and TVM_GETITEM.

It works fine when I'm this way manupulating with GUI treeview

like in this example from Holger: GUITreeView_Holger.au3

But when I'm trying the same way to manipulate with treeview in other app it's not working.

Note that every other messages are working OK:


This means by me that handle of item is OK and problem is probably in something else.

My little app with treeview: treeview_app.au3

Main problem script with manipulating this treeview: treeview_manipulate.au3

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks a lot


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