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KO blocking keystrokes

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Hello, at first : i`m not english (polish) so i dont speak English perfectly but i learn :)

So.. i wanted to make bot for Knight Online private server (oldschoolko) its MYKO version of game.



Work very good, but i want to make it click when game is minimalized.

I tried with ControlSend ( "game title", "", controlID, "Z" )

But Window Info cant find ControlID, i tried with Instance:1 (not sure how to write now.. :P)

But keystrokes only worked when i turned Chat, or Privatemsg in game. Skill keys cant be pressed.

Its guilt of gameguard? Can he block keystrokes, if yes how to bypass it.

Again sorry for my english, hope u understand what i said :).

Thanx, Lubudubu1010

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