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Confusion on $en_change

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Judging by the small amount of documentation I did find I suspect this simply might be too far advanced for me.

But I'll try to form a question or two.

1. $en_change tells me that something has changed, but it doesn't seem to do so in a clear cut way. How can I tell which control caused it? And please take into account my newbieness. I suspect it has something to do with BITOR or one of that ilk that hurt my head.

Actually I think just that question will get me down the road enough to know more what I don't now.

Thanks again for being here.

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You register WM_COMMAND messages.

While handling WM_COMMAND, check the message ID in the high word half of the wParam parameter for EN_CHANGE.

The low word half of wParam is the control ID, and lParam is the control handle that generated the message.

There is a The example just checks the message ID, but you can add checking the control handle in lParam easily.


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