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New problem...

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For some reason my refrigerator is dripping, something on the inside. From the freezer to the lower level. Lol, I wonder if any smart people on auto it know how to solve this. So far I have:

$t = _UsedABowl("Under the drip")

If @error Then

_WaitTillDadGetsHome("Wait for him to find it")


MsgBox(0, "Frige situation", $t)

PS: If you don't get the joke here, I feel sorry for you.

PPS: :) I see views going up, does anyone think this is funny, or do people just not know how to help?

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I don't really think that a problem about your fridge should be in "V3 Support"

Maybe if you had put it in the Chat forum you'd get more replies.

Also: I have no idea how to help.

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