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Any way to work with Qt apps ?

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Hi there,

I found a topic asking the same thing but it's pretty old and hasn't been bumped in a while so instead of resurrecting it I decided to ask again hoping maybe someone now have an answer :)

I search the net and a lot forums to find a way to automate Qt application, no luck so far.

I know Squish recognizes Qt controls and can call object method like autoit on a win32 control. If squish does it, I imagine it must be possible to gain access to those methods another way.

Anybody could give me a cue on how it may be possible? Or simply tell me its impossible :)

Thanks a lot!

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You better define what QT.... It could mean so many different things to so many different people. :)

QT to me means QuickTime but I can't see what you'd want to do with Quick time.

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