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Greetings to all, Geodetic (newcomer) here,

I have been putting together an application with a help file, and hit walls when it came to integrating help! A search of the forums turned up some hints, but also a lot of problems. So my last little while has been involved in putting together my HtmlHelp UDF - a fairly complete UDF for implementing help in your AutoIt applications. It provides functionality for

  • Help file tab control (Contents, Index, Search)
  • displaying topics by ID or by URL (in the CHM file)
  • Popup creation and control
  • etc.

I have included some example files as well, but the real package is a little to large to include here, so you can download it from my personal site. The download link is here.  Sorry, this link has been void since Shaw (my Internet provider) retired (like in Blade Runner!) personal webspace.

Hope some find this useful!


HtmlHelp UDF.zip

Update (2021-01-25)

I have updated the UDF (almost no changes to the actual UDF au3 file) as a kit, which includes a real AutoIt demo, detailed (compiled HTML) help file, original (but modified) sample files, more information and a few tools.  This kit should be used instead of the above UDF link.  The new demo and help file should simplify understanding how to implement help!  I have not talked about actual creation of compiled HTML help - that is a topic best left to the user, particularly concerning the ancient HTML Help Workshop (compiler).  It's old, but it's free, and it works!

I'm happy to see that this post is now listed on the Wiki UDF page!

- Allen

AutoIt Html Help UDF Kit v1.3.zip

Edited by Geodetic
update, void download link
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Very nice/useful UDF!!

:thumbsup:  :thumbsup:

I'm curious why there is no response for such long time.

It's also very handy as tutorial about HTMLHelp (CHM) background for developers.

I will definitely use it one day ...

It's question if this UDF should be include in standard includes ...

Just one possible problem could be with Send() for Alt+underscored letter used in _HH_DispSearch().

I doubt if this will work on non-english Windows where can be underscored diferent letters.

Edited by Zedna
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Can only agree with Zedna.

Thanks for sharing!

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