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_FileCopy function

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Hi all,

i just discovered this interesting function :

Func _FileCopy($fromFile,$tofile) 
    Local $FOF_RESPOND_YES = 16
    $winShell = ObjCreate("shell.application")
    return $winShell

I like it because it permits the copy process to be done with the SuperCopier hook.

Probleme for me is that the function launch the object method and script continues to run so...

Is there way to pause the script until copy process is done ? a way for the script to check itself when copy process is done ?

Thanks in advance for your answers :)

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Hi, I have used that little function for day one with autoit.

But the scripts actually WAIT for that functions to finish (the copy..)

In my programs I don't have the last line :

return $winShell

so i was wandering what is returning, but from my tests it is returning nothing.. (null ?) also in the case of error in copy (example non-existant paths).

Without that line the function returns always 0, like every function with no return lines... (right ?)

for testing results now I use a little cicle after calling the function checking if in the destination path there is the file copied.


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