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Hello all :)

i have been working on a web based autoit frontend; sadly it only works with IE due to VBScript and Execution with AutoIt3X.

If you can access my webserver here is t3h beta:


Eventually i will be able to get my old domain back!

and get an ISP that acutally allow me to use port 80 *sighs*

tell me what u think!

the finished project will consist of a UDFs Repository, an in browser based autoit frontend, downloadable games, (non-autoit too)

software and whateva i can think of that will be useful, and or any other ideas that any1 else cares to throw out there :)


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ok, having an issue! i need to be able to get a response from my server (PHP) without the header and without using inetget.

ive looked all over the fourms, and still cannot find anyone who has done this, there is one guy that talk exactly about

what i need done.

any help appreciated!


Never mind all fixed :)

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ok i know ive posted this b4, but i need a script that will scan another script giving me a list of all includes that are called, and a list of DLL/File calls; anyone have any ideas?

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