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Autoit and Listbox

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I'm having trouble with reading text from Listbox from external program. This listbox is on one of the many tabs in the program and Autoit Window Info cannot extract any data from it, for some reason. It seems that all the tabs are transparent so components from other tabs are also visible. However, this listbox does not show in any way. However, I managed to get its class ID by using ControlGetFocus and having control in it. It's called ListBox1.

However, I can't figure out how to get the text stored in it. ControlCommand and GetCurrentLine doesn't work, neither does "GetLine", line# (yes, I know they're for Edit but man can wish :)

Anybody had similar problems? What's the solution?

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Any updates on this old problem? Currently I'm working on achieving this using DLLCall() since a forum search mainly returns results on AutoIt GUI ListBoxes.

Personally I would like to see ControlCommand() handle GetLineCount and GetLine for ListBoxes.

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