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Need help Looping folder, Open file search for HTML string, submit form.

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Hi Good morning,

Please I am trying to migrate an existing plain site containing more than 15,345 html files. to a CMS site where contents shold be saved in database instead of plain files. The issue now is, I would like to loop in a folder called C:\Users\JEANNE\Documents\bulffile , Open Each Files, Search for a content of a div class:

<div class="rbcontent"> content ........</div>

Post each of such content from each files in the said folder to a web form http://www.domain.com

where the form class is "content" form. and save.

Repeat the same procedure till all end.

I have been reading about looping folders, and using regular expressions. but I still can't get my head straight

I will be grateful if you can please help provide a clean step approach to achieve this step

Thanks in advance.

NB: To put more emphasis, from selecting a part of the matching content from the text file, I think we need to open, maybe Regular or inStr to seleect and copy the content into the clipboard before pasting it into teh web form.

Let me know your suggestion.

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Have you looked in the _IE* functions of the IE.au3 UDF (see help file)?

Are they .htm/.html files? You don't have to do string manipulation of these files, since you could do things like get a collection of all DIV tags with _IETagNameGetCollection(), then loop through that collection to process further.

How far did you get? Do you have a file list from the directory and loop that will access those files in a loop?


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