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com / obj question

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Yes there most certainly is. Now what it is I dont know :). I havent gotten into COM as I dont need it currently. Check out MSDN for Access COM Objects.


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Not sure if the term better applies.

Controlling Access is pretty straightforward without com/obj.

Many times I find a simple macro is simple enough at times and you can make a *.mam file up with access or do it yourself:

[shortcut Properties]AccessShortcutVersion=1







CreationTime= 1c4bd38 c517620


this one simply runs the fix macro on sample database. (at the end it spits out a report and quits)

I do use the obj/com support for pulling out data and adding in data, so I don't have to open access at all.

sykes did a little spot in scraps, for more info see:


overall obj / com just gives more choices, you can deside what is better.

Access automation via com at microsoft:


You just need to make sure to open the database, ( or make a new one,)

here is a quick example:


   $ObjIE.visible = 1

edit .. make sure to notice double \\ on filenpaths

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