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Need a Macro Programmed

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Hello everyone,

I am new here and hope this topic is acceptable. I did not see anywhere that stated we cannot post RFQs, but if so, I appologize.

Anyway, I need a macro to automate the inventory update process that I use for my website. I tried to program it myself, but was unsuccessful. In a nutshell, I need the macro do to the following:

1. Navigate to 3 different websites, log in at each one, navigate to the inventory download file, download it to a specific directory

2. Open an FTP connection I have created and copy a product inventory file to the same directory as the files in #1

3. Open a couple of Excel files, "Refresh All" data, run a macro, save the file

4. With the Excel files still open, open 3 more Excel files, save them, then save-as them to get them in CSV format.

5. Log into my websites web-based admiin panel, navigate to the inventory update section, browse for the three files from #4, upload them.

6. Close all windows and programs opened during this process.

The hardest part of this seems to be the all of the web navigating since the websites change fairly regularly. I am trying to get direct links to the files but haven't been successful yet.

I do not have the knowledge or time to make this work. I am looking for someone who does. If you are interested, PM me and we can discuss further.

Thank you,

David C.

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Request for code topics belong in the Chat room NOT in the support forums. If you decide to get help with coding it yourself, then this would be the place.

If you want someone to code it for you, see the Rent-A-Coder link in my sig.


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Valuater's AutoIt 1-2-3, Class... Is now in Session!For those who want somebody to write the script for them: RentACoder"Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced." -- Geek's corollary to Clarke's law

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