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Whale Client Components uninstaller

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The Whale Client Components are used in the old Whale IAG server 3.6 and the Microsoft IAG server 3.7.

Sometimes the client does not cleanly uninstall. I wrote the attached script to remove a default installation. This has been tested ok on Windows XP.

The uninstaller runs silently and has no user input or onscreen feedback. It was crafted to be deployed using Microsoft SCCM or similar.

The script is fully commented and was loosely based on the following blogpage from Faisal Hussain, an IAG expert from Microsoft UK http://blogs.technet.com/b/fsl/archive/2009/06/11/iag-client-components-uninstallation-failure-from-desktop.aspx

I should also say you would be best recommended to backup your registry before running this script! I accept no responsibility for any registry damage caused.

For info, we used this script to remove the old 3.7 client and then installed the UAG 4.x client components after a reboot.


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