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New AutoIT user questions (memory profiler?)

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Hi all

I've been using AutoIT for a few weeks and have created a few scripts to auto-start, login, shutdown one of our testing applications for robustness/redundancy testing. (the software initializes several hardware components, if that's relevant). Now one of the goals is to profile the memory usage during startup, execution, and shutdown, to create some benchmarks for future improvements.

I found the ProcessGetStats() function but I'm not sure how to handle array variables. (not familiar enough yet..) I haven't actually gotten it to work, but is this the right function to poll to see the memory usage of a certain process (like the task manager shows)?

I've been using MsgBox(---) to do all my variable tracking. There must be an easier way. Is there a debugger to probe/view variables while the script is running?

Thanks for the help, sorry for the noob questions.


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