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Simulate click on Java button

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Hello there,

I am trying to click this button:

<a id="skip_button" onclick="skipButton()" style="cursor:pointer; display:none;" target="_top"><img src="/images/skip_ad_button.png" alt="Skip Ad" width="155" height="39" id="skip_ad_button" onmouseover="document.getElementById('skip_ad_button').src = '/images/skip_ad_button2.png';" onmouseout="document.getElementById('skip_ad_button').src = '/images/skip_ad_button.png';" /></a>

I would prefer to avoid using _IE and instead use the:

$HTTP = ObjCreate("winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1")
$HTTP.Open("POST", "URL", False)

But I have no idea how and if I can simulate a mouse click on a java button with the above :S

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