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Running as a service - clarification

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I have been reading the forum entries and FAQs about running a script as a service. I've tried RunAsSvc, as suggested in the FAQs, and it seems to work but I am confused about using ServiceControl.au3 and _CreateService as an option that seems to provide more control. I can't seem to find a clarification to the following or I may just be a bit thick.

I don't completely understand how to use _CreateService to identify the script I want to run as a service. In the samples I found I assumed the BinaryPath to be where this is identified but they refer to srvany.exe. I understand the explanation and need for srvany.exe but I don't see where I indicate my script.

Also, is the RegWrite needed?

If there is something that explains this better, please point me there.

I hope this makes sense. Any advise will be much appreciated. :unsure:

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