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Need some help with AutoItX3.dll and borland C++ Builder

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Im currently trying to move some of my previous AutoIt network admin tools over to C++. In doing so I have made a continuously developing headache. Due to the fact that some of the functionality of my previous scripts are not easy to reproduce! Every attempt to use PostMessage, SendMessage, SendInput, and keybd_event have failed to work with our in-house software. The Auto-It Send() function however does work. Ive been trying to get it to work in C++ Builder 6 for a little over a week now (Point blank, Im almost bald). If anyone has accomplished using the AutoItX3.dll inside of C++ builder can anyone please help me.

Here is what ive Tried so far with no luck!

First Attempt > LoadLibrary

(Beginning of file)

typedef  void (__stdcall *ptrFunc) (BSTR strSendText/*[in]*/, long nMode/*[in,def,opt]*/) ;

(Inside main)

HINSTANCE handle = LoadLibrary("AutoItX3.dll") ;
   Func = (ptrFunc) (GetProcAddress(handle,"Send") );
   Func(MystrSendText, 0);


Project AdminUpdates.exe raised exception class EAccessViolation with message 'Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 0000000'. Process stopped. Use step or run to continue.

Second Attempt > AutoIt3.h ( From AutoIt3\AutoItX\StandardDLL\DevC )

(Beginning of File)

#include "AutoIt3.h"

(Inside main)

AU3_Send(MystrSendText, 0);


[Linker Error] Unresolved external 'AU3_Send' referenced from E:\[ System ]\My Documents\C++ Code\AdminUpdates\First.obj

Third Attempt > AutoItX3Lib_TLB.h ( Generated from "Import Type Library" )

Directly after generating the code it throws an Error on the second line of the following code:

__property   long            error = {read = get_error};
  __property   long            SW_HIDE = {read = get_SW_HIDE};
  __property   long            SW_MAXIMIZE = {read = get_SW_MAXIMIZE};
  __property   long            SW_MINIMIZE = {read = get_SW_MINIMIZE};
  __property   long            SW_RESTORE = {read = get_SW_RESTORE};
  __property   long            SW_SHOW = {read = get_SW_SHOW};
  __property   long            SW_SHOWDEFAULT = {read = get_SW_SHOWDEFAULT};
  __property   long            SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED = {read = get_SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED};
  __property   long            SW_SHOWMINIMIZED = {read = get_SW_SHOWMINIMIZED};
  __property   long            SW_SHOWMINNOACTIVE = {read = get_SW_SHOWMINNOACTIVE};
  __property   long            SW_SHOWNA = {read = get_SW_SHOWNA};
  __property   long            SW_SHOWNOACTIVATE = {read = get_SW_SHOWNOACTIVATE};
  __property   long            SW_SHOWNORMAL = {read = get_SW_SHOWNORMAL};
  __property   BSTR            version = {read = get_version};

[C++ Error] AutoItX3Lib_TLB.h E2040 Declaration terminated incorrectly

This error occures on every property line after that.

Note: if I comment out all property lines within the file then it works well atleast untill I get to the main code and try calling any of the functions. There not accessible, and any attempt to try and access them results in

[C++ Error] First.cpp(34):E2272 Identifier expected

[C++ Error] First.cpp(34):E2379 Statment missing ;

DLL's are not my strong suit! Ive tried every variation of the above two steps and researched google, and the forum to no avail. I have no problem with any other asspect of C++, but this problem with the DLL is driving me crazy. If anyone has been able to get this working, please let me know how I maybe able to fix this. Thanks in advance!

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Ok, umm this was my first post in the forums, and now I kind of feel DLL retarded. I got it to work thankfully.

for borland C++ builder its actually pretty simple now that I have figured it out!

1) convert the dll file to a lib useing implib (Borland\CBuilder6\Bin)

implib AutoIt3.lib C:\AutoItX3.dll

2) Add the newly created .lib file to your project

3) Copy the AutoIt3.h file to the same directory as your project (AutoIt3\AutoItX\StandardDLL\DevC)

4) include AutoIt3.h to your project

#include "AutoIt3.h"

So after all that I answered my own question! lol

Figured I'd add what I did to get it working just in case anyone ever has this same problem.

P.S. Now that I've gone bald, I can finally start growing my hair back out! lol

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