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multiple quotes, e.g., in RUN command

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Setup examples include Run("notepad.exe")

I want to use a different editor which also takes command line with quotes. How can they be nested?

In some languages, the single and double quotes can be employed for this.

The command line I want to place in RUN() is

D:\ProgD\NoteTabPro\NotePro.exe "D:\NotesTxt\text1.txt","D:\NotesTxt\text2.txt"

i.e., full path to editor and two files in quotes.

And can I follow that RUN() with others?


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Did you try to do it this way?

Run('D:\ProgD\NoteTabPro\NotePro.exe "D:\NotesTxt\text1.txt","D:\NotesTxt\text2.txt"')

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