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Think I'll comment on the "power trip" thing. Yes, there's nothing I wanted to do more than come back to my PC and read a PM from a user who thinks it's wise to argue with me about something that is black and white. It's not like I'd rather be playing the Gears of War 3 Beta or anything, which is exactly what I'm off to go do. Power trip my ass, waste of time. Time to kill some bitches.

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Fun! The banned email address just got this message:

forum name: moxz

not really sure why i've been banned, i made my account today and never got any warnings. and i never broke any rules.hoping this can be resolved.

My response:

Unfortunately for you the same people who blocked you also administrate this email address. You are outright lying and we all know it. You are not welcome to contribute to our website. You will not be unblocked.

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I like this bloke. He's a right nutter. Just had the following email exchange today:

<IP Removed>

Image: red


<Email Removed>

Posted a question on the forums and got blocked from the forums a few hours after, never got a reason why, nor did I see my post on the forums.

I'm not contesting it at this moment because I don't even know why I was blocked, just trying to figure out why.

if I have broken a rule I am sorry, but it seems unprofessional to not even tell me what I did wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


I had a succinct response:

I assume you cannot remember April 2011. Perhaps this thread will remind you: http://read-only.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/127795-moxz/

This was the reply I got a bit ago:

I don't see how that's relevant at this point in time.

I usually expect maturity in people who moderate forums and the like.

If you're still bitter about something that happened almost a year ago, then I am sorry your parents caused this enormous ego that couldn't be fulfilled unless you were allowed to tyrant over a forum.

congrats bro, you've won, I'm going to get back to playing video games in my parents basement, because I have no life. This ban from your autoit forums really puts a damper on my mood.

And my reply to that:

Bitter? No, I had to look up who you were. I still don't remember you, I only have the posts from you to go on. You are insignificant and I couldn't care less about you. Also, it seems you don't understand what the "permanent" means. It doesn't mean "a not very long time". It means "you don't get to come back".

As for ego? Yes, because it takes a lot of ego to punch some numbers into a program and then promptly forget about you. I mean, if I were actively going out of my way to keep you specifically gone you might have a point. I'm not. I punch numbers into a program and let it do all the hard work for me.

congrats bro, you've won, I'm going to get back to playing video games in my parents basement, because I have no life. This ban from your autoit forums really puts a damper on my mood.

Whether I've won or not is irrelevant. What's clear is that you've lost. It seems you've failed to understand that your behavior can have ramifications on your future. You don't get to come onto our forum and be a twat then go away for a little while and come back as if all is forgiven. We have enough new twats to deal with that we don't want or need old ones showing up again and again. Hence why you are no longer welcome on our forum.

Anyway, I think I'll go play some games as well. Since I don't have to moderate the forum because I have software in place to keep people like you from coming back it lets me do that. Huh, I guess I did win after all. I wasn't even trying. :: shrugs ::

I eagerly await the next reply.
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