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Logoff user in Citrix/PowerFuse

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Hello scripting gods... :unsure:

I'm new to the scene as I started scripting via AutoIT since three days. Before that I never really had scripting experience, so you now know in which degree you should talk to me... :>

I've made a script which shows a user a EULA which he/she has to accept before they can use our production network.

The EULA has a timeout of 2 minutes, so they get logged off when they don't accept the EULA in that time.

The script works perfectly on my local machine!

My question now is (because I couldn't find it in the help/forum/wiki): How can a user logoff with the script in our Citrix environment?? Because the shutdown(0) doesn't work.

Is there another command for it? Or can I execute the command via another user in the script? (e.g. administrator?)

Any help would be much appreciated!

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After many tries of different things, I luckely found it out myself.. :unsure:

For those of you who have the same problem:

The Shutdown executable is blocked by PowerFuse and can't be enabled by any means.

You can use "logoff.exe" in the system32 folder, which logs off a user nicely and PowerFuse isn't going to block this.

Just use the "Run" command in your script with the command "logoff". That's all.. :>

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