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As I'm working on my scope macro, I must see that the WinGetTitle command does not work everywhere in the same way.

EDIT: This only seemed to be right, since I had the probs with IE8.

(Before being reprimanded for using MS IE instead of something "better", let me stay that I use IE8 since I'm working with Win XP3, so IE9 doesn't work on my system, and I'm working with IE instead of a competiting browser since ANY other browser I ever tried, displays the normal characters of all those webpages out there on my screens (= both computers) too thin, while IE6, IE7 and IE8 display them in a normal way, not too thin and not too bold. Of course I've been searching the whole web for this phenomenon for some years now, but not having got any answer to that problem. So I stick with the MS browser in order to please my eyes and being able to read normally, instead of getting a headache by trying to read web sites' normal fonts displayed too thin.)

EDIT: I must concede that it's not the WinGetTitle command that is at fault, but my statement, "AI is able to intercept key combinations from the Cherry software transferring those combinations from the G84-4700 to the system" is to be taken with the idea in mind that it's indeed true for most progs, but not for the IE, and probably for other programs."

Thus, the IE does not affect AI's commands, but the transmission of commands from the Cherry keypad to the system (and hence to AI); other programs could do the same.

Sorry for having layed out a wrong track, but indeed I've come to a result worth being communicated (since the Cherry keypad isn't but the fifth of the Preh Commander price and hence much more in use I suppose):

When programming in AI for commands to be triggered by the Cherry keypad, have a look upon the key pressing transmission depending on the given application.

(Perhaps I should go for another browser indeed.)


Forget the Cherry keypad. Would have been a good idea since it's cheap while being as sturdy as the hardware 5 times its price, but it's like the AI help file says, AI is NOT able to correctly process key combinations being transferred by other software. Thus, when triggering my macros, in various programs, by key combinations sent by the Cherry keypad, the macros run wild, whereas those same macros, when triggered by my entering that same key combination into the normal keyboard, do what they are intended to do.

Thus, if you need an additional keyboard (as I do), perhaps the Preh Commander will work with AI, because, as said before, it sends its key combinations from an inbuilt eprom, without additional software running then.

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