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Timeout in DLLCall

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I did not find something on Timeouts when using a dllcall, perhaps someone could help.

I use the mediainfo.dll to get some information on Video.

The code is:

$hDLL_mediainfo = DllOpen("mediainfo.dll")
        If $hDLL_mediainfo = -1 Then

        ;New MediaInfo handle
        $Handle=DllCall($hDLL_mediainfo, "ptr", "MediaInfo_New")

        $Open_Result=DllCall($hDLL_mediainfo, "int", "MediaInfo_Open", "ptr", $Handle[0], "wstr", $videopath)

        ;Get with Stream=Video (ID1) Substream=0 (ID0) and Parameter=Framerate
        $framerate=DllCall($hDLL_mediainfo, "wstr", "MediaInfo_Get", "ptr", $Handle[0], "int", 1, "int", 0, "wstr", "FrameRate", "int", 1, "int", 0)

        $rate = $framerate[0]

        ;Delete MediaInfo handle
        $Handle=DllCall($hDLL_mediainfo, "none", "MediaInfo_Delete", "ptr", $Handle[0])

        ;Close the DLL

The Problem I have is this line

$Open_Result=DllCall($hDLL_mediainfo, "int", "MediaInfo_Open", "ptr", $Handle[0], "wstr", $videopath)

In some cases the mediafile doen not answer and the script pauses. I want to have a timeout here that sets an upper limit of 1min. Is there a timeout funktion for dll call or a general timeout for functions in scripts?



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DllCall() is a blocking function in AutoIt. Find out if the DLL you are using supports a call-back function for that operation, and if so, use DllCallbackRegister() with it.


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