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LazyIP config

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Hi all, the topic explains clearly what i've been trying to make but even after looking through what i could find i can't a simple way to get adapter info (as in the windows adapter options), and what i have tried up till now hasn't gotten me far.

What i am basically trying to do is have a config with presets,and allows you to add/save presets with current adapters properties or create a new custom presets which can be applied to the adapter/s specified.

(My initial idea was to have the data saved to the console, but i have no idea how to do that)

So i need a bit of help with getting the (enabled & disabled if possible) adapter info (i gues the main issue is getting the correct adapter name that can be used via command line to apply the ip's to the adapter) & thereafter populate combobox's and such aswel as save the data where relevant and so on.

I've included my full config to help my explanation along(it's a full 'working' gui so it is quite long) and i hope it's clearly commented in most parts - and i'm not sure if i have done the existing commands/layout efficiently enough so if someone could give any pointers or advice that would be a great help.

and.. i found this but i couldn't get out of it what i wanted.. i'm sure it could do most of what im looking for?

thanks in advance


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Has no-one got any help for me? :unsure:

..and to use a command line 'netsh' to set an ip/dns i would need to get "Local Area Connection" from the 'WMI settings' function in the link i added to my question, is it possible to do this or is there another way of getting the adapter name along with the ip fields..?

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