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InstallShield install automation fails when executable launched

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Hello All,

I have a script that automates the installation package from an InstallShield wizard. There are numerous dynamic conditions that need to be set so using an InstallShield automated script seems out of the question. Anyways, at one point in the wizard I click the "Next" button which launches another executable (Datamanager5 a .Net application) that attaches some databases to SQL Server. A window comes up when it fails to connect that allows me to enter the IP address and the SQL server instance name and then it connects and does its job. When finished the control goes back to the InstallShield wizard and I just have to click "Finish". That is exactly what happens when I do this manually. For whatever reason, when I programatically click that last "Next" button the Datamanager5 application fails to run and the final wizard window with the "Finish" button appears.

I have tried using WinWait, ProcessWait and removing references to the final wizard step to prevent any possible calls? to that final step, no luck. Any ideas why it would behave this way? Your help is greatly appreciated.


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