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Speech Recognition Sapi 5.x in Win7

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I'm searching for a well working example for SAPI 5.3/5.4 Speech recognition in Windows 7.

I found a UDF but it looks like it is based on the SDK 5.1 and more or less only works good in XP.

Than I stumble over this

I turned out I was able to use it.

It uses SAPI.SpInProcRecoContext to recognise, SAPI.SpShareRecogniser would be nicer, but I did not find any working example for this.

Also I tried to understand the SAPI doku, but I'm lost....

Currently I use the example and as it lacks the support of Grammar, most of my recognition work on the "Hypothesis", which is not nice.

Also in the example, the creation of the Object in the while makes me nervous. I thought the ObjectEvents was created before the while loop, but if it is not in the while it only fires one time the event (any).

Btw: SoundStop Event really exists (but the audio has to be silent)

In my vision it should work like this:

a ) create a eventobject for the SAPI event

b ) load a grammar file

c ) create a

while 1 
to keep the script alive

d) handle all the nice stuff in the different event functions of the sapi events

I even tried to translate VB code examples to autoit, but I was not able to have anything running.

BTW: I even found this on the YouTube (so I used all search methods)

And it states ("Yeah, almost finished. Made in pure AutoIt. ") - and it looks like win7, so "he" must have solved more or less all the problems.

(actually I hope that this time, not differently than on my last posts, the answer is : look here --> :unsure: )

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