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Controlcommand, Get Row?

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Larry (or whomever), is is possible to add a ControlCommand that gives the current Column of the caret within an Edit control?

[i have a workaround where I select the text preceding the cursor and count the characters, but it's prefer to do it discretely.]

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My method of getting the caret position just uses an API function along with AttachThreadInput to get it from whichever program is on top (I tried allowing the user to specify a window, but this was a way bad idea and returned... odd results).

That being said, the column is probably something that's calculated internally. I don't see any glaring "Hey I return the column of the caret" functions when I took a look at the API. It might be possible to write a function that could calculate it, but I think the time and effort would be wasted since it would only work on Microsoft controls. I think you're finding out the hard way that a lot of editors don't always respond correctly to those...

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