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search and destroy - well, select actually. IE.au3

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My brain is melting and I cant figure out how to accomplish a task. Can someone point me in the right direction?

I have a text string that I want to check against text on a web page. If there is a match, highlight the found text. I then need to send a "shift + tab" to jump to the checkbox to the left of the found text and then a "space" to activate the checkbox. I can confirm the string exists by reading the HTML, and doing a stringinstr match, but I think im barking up the wrong tree with this approach.

Attached is a copy of the page im trying to match to. I have coded the srcipt to look for it at c:\

#include <IE.au3>

Dim $string="MSB 131", $Result, $site="file:///C:/pre-configured%20participants.htm"

$oIE = _IECreate ($site)
_IELoadWait ($oIE)

_SearchText ($string)
MsgBox (0,"searchtext", $Result)

Func _SearchText ($_TextString)
    dim $TextString = $_TextString
    $PageHTML = _IEDocReadHTML($oIE)
    $Result = StringInStr ($PageHTML, $TextString)

Any help would be appreciated.

pre-configured participants.htm

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if anyone is feeling ambitious, I have another related problem. I would like the search to poll all 4 pages of available endpoints, but I cant figure out how to hit the page links. They seem to be java generated and all have the same input name, but different values. Im still green and developing a flat spot on my forehead trying to figure it out.

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Hmm, found that doing a search "ctrl+f" in IE accomplishes the same task. I should be able to script that, but not sure how to confirm the Ctrl+F has found a hit or not. Prefer to do it with code if I can, just so I can be sure of a match.

On another note, am I not getting any responses because people are reluctant to download an HTML file to their system? Or is there a perception that i did not try hard enough to solve the issue? Usually the response is swift and right on the money...

Thanks all.

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OK putting this one to bed. I did manage to get it working with the following:

$StrLen = StringLen ($newstring)
$cutpoint = StringInStr ($PageHTML,$newstring)
$HTMLclip = StringMid ($PageHTML,($cutpoint-100),(100+$StrLen))
$newstring=StringTrimLeft($HTMLclip,(StringInStr ($HTMLclip, "h323",0,-1)))
$newstring=StringTrimRight($newstring,((StringLen ($newstring)-7)))
$newstring=StringStripWS($newstring, 2)
If StringRight($newstring,1) = ">" Then $newstring = StringTrimRight($newstring,1)

this basically searches the html source code for the initial string, and searches backward for the checkbox name that preceeds it. It then parses out what it needs so i now have the checkbox name associated to the orginal search text. I will raise the checkbox issue as a new item. (page has no form)

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