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Run exe file with multiple quotes and multiple vars

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Here an example that I can't get it right!

This a command line exe file with more than one double-double quotes and some commands that are used for settings in that exe.

Using the DOS prompt is't working OK:

Start T2P.exe "C:\Program Files\Table\banana.bmp" "C:\Program Files\Table\apple.jpg" -PRB -S35 -CWE -TTE

Now this has to be used in a AutoIt script.

I use the following line and it worked OK as well.

Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'Start T2P.exe "C:\Program Files\Table\banana.bmp" "C:\Program Files\Table\apple.jpg" -PRB -S35 -CWE -TTE', "", @SW_SHOW)

Now comes the crazy part:

Some parts has to be variable, like the "C:\Program Files\Table\Pic.jpg" part and "-S35" part.

Because the line is wrapped in single quotes, it turn into gray, which means, this is one big string.

So I think its then not possible anymore to add these extra variables.

I there any one out there who can help me with this? :unsure:

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Ok, so to Use variables inside of quotes you would do something like this:

"c:\Path" & $VARIABLE & "File.txt"

Say $VARIABLE was \Folder1\.

This would mean to Autoit and any commands you pass it would read it as c:\Path\Folder1\File.txt

So in Summary, if you interrupt the quotes and then Add on data with Ampersand, you can accomplish this task.

Edit: Also you would need to Interrupt both sets of Quotes, being ' ' and " ", to do this properly.

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As mentioned take careful note of the quote types and instances and spaces in the command string.

Here is an example concerning your request.

$FileA = '"C:\Program Files\Table\banana.bmp"'
$FileB = '"C:\Program Files\Table\apple.jpg"'
$SwitchParams = "-PRB -S35 -CWE -TTE"
Run('T2P.exe '& $FileA &' '& $FileB &' '& $SwitchParams, "", @SW_SHOW)

Remember that since TIFF2PDF is a console program if its own console window does not remain after it has finished its operations then you will need to capture its output otherwise you will get a brief flash of a console window and thats it.

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Hi Friends,

Thanks for both for the inputs !!!!! This was very helpful. :unsure::>

I also wanted the "c:\Program Files" part into @ProgramFilesDir and after 30 attempts its working now. ;)

Thanks again!


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Mmm, why do manual quoting if it can be done for you ... when needed.

func QuoteMeIfNeeded($sData)
  if not StringHasSpace($sData) then return
  return '"' & $sData & '"'
dim constant $DELIM = ' '
dim $sApplication = 'MyApp.exe'
dim $sFilespec = 'C:\Program Files\Table\apple.jpg'

if not fileExist($sApplication) then Debug_Exit('He!, your calling a executable that''s not there.')

dim $sRunString = QuoteMeIfNeeded($sApplication) & $DELIM & QuoteMeIfNeeded($sFilespec)
debugOut('Used Run() string = ' & $sRunString)
Run($sRunString, "", @SW_SHOW)
More typing, but way less ... attempting.

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