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Need help with GUI

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Hey guys, Got a little problem with my gui...

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>

#include <StaticConstants.au3>

$Form1 = GUICreate("Form1", 450,280,494, 283)

$Pic1 = GUICtrlCreatePic("C:\Users\Gio\Desktop\Auto IT\Test script\background.jpg", 0, 2, 494, 283) ; Background image.

GUICtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_DISABLE)

$Pic2 = GUICtrlCreatePic("C:\Users\Gio\Desktop\Auto IT\Test script\start.jpg", -3, 247, 66, 29) ; Button 1 Start


GUICtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_DISABLE)

$pic3 = GUICtrlCreatePic("C:\Users\Gio\Desktop\Auto IT\Test script\start2.png",115,247,66,29) ; button 2 Windows

$pic4 = GUICtrlCreatePic("C:\Users\Gio\Desktop\Auto IT\Test script\start.jpg",245,247,66,29) ; Button 3 About

$pic5 = GUICtrlCreatePic("C:\Users\Gio\Desktop\Auto IT\Test script\start.jpg",390,247,66,29) ; Button 4 exit

$Label1 = GUICtrlCreateLabel(" ",-3, 98, 66, 29, BitOR($SS_CENTER,$SS_CENTERIMAGE))




While 1

$nMsg = GUIGetMsg()

Switch $nMsg



Case $Pic2, $Label1



So, @ $pic3, Im trying to put a image w/ Transparant background so it only shows the text, But it doesnt work, If i make a button ( So the background isnt transparant) It is working, Am i doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance

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hi TwilightN3ro,

Here's and to learn from/build on with transparency etc. It'll save you some work.

Hope these help


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