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run AutoIt from SSH via Cygwin from a Linux box

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I can run my AutoIt scripts from Cygwin running on the Windows platform, but when I sshed in from a Linux box,

the script won't run.

For example, when I ran that Hello World example script, no pop-up boxes on my Windows machine.

The ssh server runs on Windows. It's openSSH in the cygwin package.

The ssh server runs on Linux.

I'd appreciate any tips, suggestions...

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I have tried setting the DISPLAY variable:

export DISPLAY=locahost:0.0

export DISPLAY=:0.0

export DISPLAY=127.0.01:0.0

I also tried changing the environment variable TERM from "xterm" to "cygwin", but none worked...

When I tried "xhost +LinuxMachineIPAddress" on the Windows platform, it told me:

unable to open display ""

Haven't tried xforwarding yet...

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I have seen people asking this very question before, but no answers were posted.

If this is configuration doesn't work, would putty provide the answer?

here's my setup:

Linux ------ ssh ------- cygwin on Windows 7 box

And am trying to run AutoIt scripts from that ssh session. The command below runs and is apparently waiting for something, but nothing comes up on the Windows screen.

./AutoIt3.exe hello.au3

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