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Warned to stop creating threads about game bots and to not PM me. Got 2 PMs as a result, enjoy:

Well I do. This is complete bullshit. THERE IS NOT GUIDE ON THIS FORUMS on network programming. You have no reason to think I want to make a game bot I AM FUCKING ASKING FOR A GUIDE TO NETWORK PROGRAMMING and you fucking lock my thread for that? lol autoit sucks balls, I am never using it again cause you are just a bunch of retards. Autoit is made FOR BOTS and you are not allowing to talk about it. NOW I WASN'T EVEN TALKING ABOUT BOTS AND YOU LOCK MY POSTS! WTF????????????????????????

I can make a virus by opening notepad 100000000 times or moving mouse in random places. SO YOU SHOULD BLOCK ALL THE THREADS TOO THAT ASK HOW TO DO IT! AND YES! I AM FUCKING SCREAMING AT YOU! AND YOUR AVATAR IS UGLY DUM BITCH LIKE YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, permanent.

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