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Who helps me to revise codes?

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WinActivate("Remote Desktop Connection")

Global $KS_DOWN = -32767

While 1
  $a = KeyState(1)
  If $a = $KS_DOWN Then

Func KeyState($hexKey)
Local $aR
$aR = DllCall("user32", "int", "GetAsyncKeyState", "int", $hexKey)
If Not @error Then Return $aR[0]
Return 0

Func b1()
$mgp = MouseGetPos ()
$b1 = ControlGetPos("Remote Desktop Connection","Co&nnect",1)
If ($mgp[0]> $b1[0]) and ($mgp[0]< $b1[0]+$b1[2]) and ($mgp[1]> $b1[1]) and ($mgp[1]< $b1[1]+$b1[38]) Then
MsgBox(0, "connect", "test connect")

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Yet another useless post, again? You provide no information on want you need help with or what you or hoping to achieve, or should I say what you are hoping others will achieve for you. Even if you now do decided to at least reply to this or edit your above post I will still not relpy as I am sick and tired of people "asking" for help, or in most cases demanding, and not providing a real question or ask a stupid question, or they do not bother to read the help file. Everything is in the help file, everything, there is absolutely no need to post in the 'Support' forum unless you are totally baffled with the problem you have, or you are asking a valid question.

Please keep this in mind in the future as to not make totally idiodic posts. This not not just apply to you but also others who do the same as you...


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Can you help me to operate this section of codes? (runing this codes)

Why do not you operate know I have not offered useful information?


If you cannot solve problem of me please speak arbitrarily in my model , thank you for cooperation.

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