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Receipt Printing

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I can't believe I am doing this... but I may be asking yous with time on your hands to write stuff for me. If I have to do it all myself, that is fine... but I know that many of you are sometimes looking for stuff to do.

Here I will attempt some "Receipt Printing" UDFs to print to a TSP100 receipt printer (thermal printer) using printMGv2.au3.

UDF(s) will be...

PrintReceipt($printer, $data, [$opt])

$printer = "Friendly Printer Name"

$data = text or other "data" depending on $opt

$opt: 0 = text, 1 = image, 2 = raw (raw used for "open drawer" code and "cut sheet" code)

I may separate out the $printer parameter if I find it causes any lag time.

anyone with ideas or code is encouraged to send ME a msg or post here. Stay tuned, I should have code in the next few days.

God bless martin and his printMGv2... if this is successful. I am writing a POS interface for my new Laundromat.


EDIT: Wow... it is so much easier than I thought. I am pretty much using PrintMG UDFs natively, so there may not be anything to post here... hmmm.

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