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Problems setting up netmeeting and Access

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I have 3 rookie question that I have been trying to solve, I have spent hours reading in the forum, but have not been able to find a solution :D

Q1: I have made a small application that sets up Netmeeting on a remote location, it then dials up my PC, and shares it desktop, I send a "Ctrl-s" for sharing, but in order for it to automatically share the users desktop, I am sending a combination of {TAB} and {Enter} to press the buttons on the screen. It works 8 out of 10 times. I would like to activate "Desktop sharing" directly, if I use AU Info, I get that the options are in a listbox called "Listbox1", how do I mark/activate 1 line that listbox ?


We have a customized application for a public housing system we use, and I have tried to automate a reoccuring task with AutoIT.

Currently I have had to move the mouse to a specific location and, and then "click" there.. But that gives me problems when the program is run on another computer, with a different resolution. So I would like to access the buttons directly.

Here is what the Access database looks like. Access Database image

I am trying to click the "1. Hent tekstfilnavn" button, but when I use AU info, I cannot get any specific info on the button, only the "area" where all 3 buttons are located. How do I press the specific buttons ??

Last but not least, I would like to do a check on the last textbox, when that text changes to "slut" (Means end in Danish) it should close Access :)

Hope that the above rambling gives you an idea of what it is a am asking :evil:

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