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global hotkeying

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im trying to make a script for a game called GunZ

while i manage to send keys

im unable to recieve keys to the script while inside the program.

that messes me up.

can anyone advise me or know the real command for setting a global key?

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If HotKeySet() Does not work you could try _IsPressed().

You can get it here:


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thaat wworkedd good

the problem is

the keys are constantly pressed

which makes it a bit difficult to keep up with

another thing

the online documentation is not updated

i cant fuind for texample the command "exit"


can u tell me what is the command to pause and unpause the script?

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HotKeySet('p', '_Pause')
Global $bIsPaused = 0

While 1
   If $bIsPaused Then

Func _Pause()
   $bIsPaused = Not $bIsPaused

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nvm i made my own special code for pause

much simpler and better for my needs.

but im still having some delay issues and key stopping with the


can u tell me some stuff that i can tweak?

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