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Intercepting Button Click in a Non-AutoIt Form

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What I have done:

I have been scouring the AutoIt forums and came across the include in the Example Scripts (not a support forum). Which is really close to what I need. I downloaded the example attachment and have been playing with it.

What I need:

Here is what I need. I need to hook a button click in another application and need to stop the click event from going through in the other application and for my script to activate on the button click in the other app.

I noticed that if you switch the _WinControlSetEvent to activate on the Mouse Down ($sCallOnHoldFunc) instead of Mouse Up ($sCallOnReleaseFunc) and you add a MsgBox in the While Wend loop that it causes the button click event to not finish in the other application. This is the effect I am going for. Is there a way I can tweak something to make this happen all the time in my script without having to use a MsgBox?

What I am up to:

For those who are questioning what my intention may be. I am a full time macro developer at my place of work. I am tasked with writing scrips to validate data in another application that my company owns but I am not allowed to touch the source code of. These scripts will be a temporary measure until our IT dept can get caught up on its work and make the required changes in the other application which are currently a low priority for IT. It is important for other parts of our business to make sure that the data is properly validated.

If you know the answer but want to make sure of my good intentions feel free to private message with how I should go about proving my intentions.

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