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hey guys,

i'm trying to make something like this:

I've got a white window in paint

if coords:(205, 247) becomes green (0x22B14C) than i have to click on the "close button" coords: "886, 90"

I also want the programm to wait UNTILL it actuelly changes than go on with the rest of the program

i'm not searching for anything like this:

While 1


$LPixel = $Pixel1

$Pixel1 = PixelGetColor(769, 532)

Until $Pixel1 <> $LPixel

MouseClick("left", 911, 549, 2)

;Anymore of your code that you need...



Cause then i would click on the close button every time the color changes.

I'm searching for something like this: (the one i am posting ain't working like i want it to)


$Pixel1 = PixelGetColor(205, 247)

Until $Pixel = Dec(0x22B14C)

Mouseclick ( "left", 886, 90, 1)

sleep (5000)

I also searched in the helpfile + google but couldn't find any solution.

Please help me out

kind regards,


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oké solved it by doing this:



$waitpixel1=PixelSearch (515, 241, 890, 322, $WaitPixelColor1,2)

Until Not @error


sleep (5000)

Just posting it if anyone ever has this question aswell...

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