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Getting X,Y Coordinates Of A Control That I Can't See With Window Info

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I am trying to use AutoIT to control an application that has many custom and third party components. I am afraid when I use AutoIt Window Info I can not see the many custom/third party components on the application. (A screenshot of the application is attached.) With Window Info I can see the main container where the custom components are. Given that I can not detect the costum components, an approach I thought was to search for a specific text\string within the control that I can detect with Window Info. Hence find the x,y coordinates and once I found the x & y coordinates I would know where to clicking on it with AutoIt ControlClick.

What would be a good way to search for a text/string within a control? Is the function ControlGetPos a good candiadte for this? Has anybody encountered this situation before? Any thoughts?



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