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Open selected file in Windows-dialog with shell programs

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I want to open a selected file of a windows dialog with a special program.


Open-File-Dialog of notepad.

Single-click on a random file.

I want AutoIt to open it e.g. in Firefox, without doing else with the dialog.

At moment, I watch the dialog window to detect if a file got selected. This works fine, I can open a clicked file immediately by doing a send({enter}). But as I want to open the clicked file with an external program (it's registered in the shell), I want to know how this could work. I can open the clicked file e.g. with Send("{APPSKEY}{DOWN 5}{ENTER}"), because the program I want to open it in has an context menu entry. But this way is kinda slow and unreliable, so I look for a more direct method.

Do you have an idea?

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hi bumsbomber,

Welcome to the forums :unsure:

Your explanation of your problem is not very explicit, but perhaps these functions will be of interest: FileOpenDialog(),ShellExecute().


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Ok, please try this code, you you will understand what I do and what I want to do :unsure:

Remember to change the first two variables due to localization issues. E.g. set "Open" in the 1st, "File" in the 2nd.

Start notepad first, then the script.

; Please replace "Öffnen" below with the title name of the open dialog of notepad
global $OpenDialogTitle = "[TITLE:Öffnen;CLASS:#32770]"
; Please replace "Datei" below with the correct "file type" label you get as visible text (e.g. just "File")
global $FileNameRegex = "(?s).*name:(.*\w{3}(?-s))(?s).*Datei{1}"


Func Init()
    While 1
        If WinExists($OpenDialogTitle) Then
        If Not WinExists("[CLASS:Notepad]") Then Exit

Func OpenExternal() ; This opens the preferences of a selected file, just as example.
    $FileNameOld = False
    While WinExists($OpenDialogTitle)
        $FileNameNew = CheckForFiles()

        If $FileNameNew <> False Then
            If $FileNameOld <> $FileNameNew[0] Then
                $FileNameOld = $FileNameNew[0]

Func CheckForFiles() ; This looks for filenames in the open dialog of notepad
    $DialogText = WinGetText($OpenDialogTitle)
    $FileName = StringRegExp($DialogText, $FileNameRegex, 1)
    Return $FileName

Instead of opening the properties window with some keystrokes, I want to open the file with a shell registered program. So when I e.g. click on a file like "hello.text", it get opened immediately in Firefox through the shell. If I double click the file, it should get opened in both, Firefox and in notepad.

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