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check if somthing is within a specified area

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id like to know a better way to check if the x/y coords for a button are within a specified area, ive been using this formula but it doesn't usually work the way i want it to.

If $xcoord > [specified x area] And $xcoord < [other specified x area] And $ycoord > [specified y area] And $ycoord < [ycoord] Then [other stuff]

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If _
  ( $xcoord >= [area x min] And $xcoord <= [area x max] ) _ ;; IsInsideArea
  Or _ ;; Or, as in: use/pick one of these.
  Not( $xcoord < [area x min] Or $xcoord > [area x max] ) _ ;; Not(IsOutsideArea)
  And ... ;; same for Y part.
  ;; do your stuff
  ;; note: can be done with only one Not() part if you like. -> Not(IsOutside1 Or IsOutside2 ...)

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